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New Release v0.7.6

ยท 4 min read
Luca Moser
Senior Software Engineer @ IOTA Foundation

This release does not include changes to the consensus mechanism and still uses FPC+FCoB.


This is a breaking maintenance release. We urge community node operators to re-apply their config changes on top of config.default.json as many config keys have changed.

Most importantly, the node's identity seed is now defined via node.seed (previously autopeering.seed). The node will now store the private key derived from the seed per default under a separate peerdb database which must not be shared. If the node is started with a node.seed different to what an existing private key in a peerdb contains, the node panics; if you want to automatically override the already stored private key, use node.overwriteStoredSeed=true.

We have also created a more streamlined deployment for our infrastructure which means that IF provided endpoints have changed:

IOTA 2.0 DevNet Analyzer
Autopeering Entry Node "2PV5487..."[identity][identity]
LogStash Remote
Daily DatabaseN/A

Other changes:

  • Refactors codebase, mainly:
    • Usage of time.Duration instead of numeric types for time parameters/config options variables etc.
    • Normalization of all plugin names to camel case and without spaces
    • Extracts some code from the MessageLayer plugin into a new Consensus plugin
    • Use of dependency injection to populate plugin dependencies via
  • Adds CI workflows to use GitHub environments to deploy develop branch changes and releases
  • Adds a check to see whether during the GoShimmer docker image build, the snapshot file should be downloaded
  • Adds a new plugin Peer which stores the node's identity private key in a separate database
  • Adds a broadcast plugin by community member @arne-fuchs simply providing a raw TCP stream of txs
  • Adds a lock to prevent multiple active instances of the CLI wallet
  • Adds improvements to the spammer precision
  • Adds timestamp filter
  • Fixes a bug where the TxInfo object passed to the mana booking could have a wrong totalAmount
  • Refactors the ./tools/docker-network to leverage docker profiles
  • Updates frontend dependencies
  • Updates config.default.json to use our new infrastructure

Plugin names have been normalized, so please make sure to adapt your custom config too:

  • Analysis-Dashboard -> AnalysisDashboard
  • Analysis-Server -> AnalysisServer
  • Analysis-Client -> AnalysisClient
  • Autopeering -> AutoPeering (no effect)
  • Graceful Shutdown -> GracefulShutdown
  • Manualpeering -> ManualPeering (no effect)
  • PoW -> POW (no effect)
  • WebAPI autopeering Endpoint -> WebAPIAutopeeringEndpoint
  • WebAPI data Endpoint -> WebAPIDataEndpoint
  • WebAPI DRNG Endpoint -> WebAPIDRNGEndpoint
  • WebAPI faucet Endpoint -> WebAPIFaucetEndpoint
  • WebAPI healthz Endpoint -> WebAPIHealthzEndpoint
  • WebAPI info Endpoint -> WebAPIInfoEndpoint
  • WebAPI ledgerstate Endpoint -> WebAPILedgerstateEndpoint
  • WebAPI Mana Endpoint -> WebAPIManaEndpoint
  • WebAPI message Endpoint
  • WebAPIMessageEndpoint
  • snapshot -> Snapshot (no effect)
  • WebAPI tools Endpoint (deleted) -> WebAPIToolsDRNGEndpoint & WebAPIToolsMessageEndpoint
  • WebAPI WeightProvider Endpoint -> WebAPIWeightProviderEndpoint

Config key changes config.default.json:

@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ {   "analysis": {     "client": {-      "serverAddress": ""+      "serverAddress": ""     },     "server": {       "bindAddress": ""@@ -11,17 +11,17 @@       "dev": false     }   },-  "autopeering": {+  "autoPeering": {     "entryNodes": [-      "",+      "",       ""     ],-    "port": 14626+    "bindAddress": ""   },   "dashboard": {     "bindAddress": "",     "dev": false,-    "basic_auth": {+    "basicAuth": {       "enabled": false,       "username": "goshimmer",       "password": "goshimmer"@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@         "64wCsTZpmKjRVHtBKXiFojw7uw3GszumfvC4kHdWsHga"       ]     },-    "xteam": {+    "xTeam": {       "instanceId": 1339,       "threshold": 4,       "distributedPubKey": "",@@ -69,10 +69,7 @@     "bindAddress": ""   },   "gossip": {-    "port": 14666,-    "tipsBroadcaster": {-      "interval": "10s"-    }+    "bindAddress": ""   },   "logger": {     "level": "info",@@ -85,7 +82,7 @@     ],     "disableEvents": true,     "remotelog": {-      "serverAddress": ""+      "serverAddress": ""     }   },   "metrics": {@@ -103,6 +100,7 @@     "externalAddress": "auto"   },   "node": {+    "seed": "",+    "peerDBDirectory": "peerdb",     "disablePlugins": [],     "enablePlugins": []   },@@ -110,7 +108,6 @@     "difficulty": 22,     "numThreads": 1,     "timeout": "1m"-   },   "profiling": {     "bindAddress": ""@@ -120,13 +117,16 @@   },   "webapi": {     "bindAddress": "",-    "basic_auth": {+    "basicAuth": {       "enabled": false,       "username": "goshimmer",       "password": "goshimmer"     }   },+  "broadcast": {+    "bindAddress": ""+  },   "networkdelay": {     "originPublicKey": "9DB3j9cWYSuEEtkvanrzqkzCQMdH1FGv3TawJdVbDxkd"   }

Welcome ๐Ÿ‘‹

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Docs Team
Technical Writers @ IOTA Foundation

At the IOTA Foundation we love the vision of decentralization - and this also applies to our documentation.

That' s why each project gets its own documentation page, with learning material like guides and tutorials.

In this Blog you will get updates and more information about the GoShimmer documentation, and get the latest insights from the team.

Happy developing!

New Release v0.7.4

ยท One min read
Dr. Angelo Capossele
Senior Research Scientist @ IOTA Foundation

We have released GoShimmer v0.7.4:

  • Add ParametersDefinition structs in integration test framework
  • Add UTXO-DAG interface
  • Fix setting correct properties to newly forked branches
  • Fix using weak parents for direct approvers when looking for transactions that are approved by a message
  • Update entry node from community
  • Update docs
  • Update snapshot file with DevNet UTXO at 2021-07-08 07:09 UTC

Breaking changes: You must update your GoShimmer installation if you want to keep participating in the network. Follow the steps in the official documentation to upgrade your node.

For those compiling from source, make sure to download the latest snapshot that we have updated. You can find more info on how to do that in the README.

We have also updated the domain name for the entry node from the community, make sure to update your config.