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Docker private network

We provide a tool at tools/docker-network with which a local test network can be set up locally with docker.

Docker network

How to use the tool#

In the docker network run for example

./ 5 1 1

The command ./ spins up a GoShimmer network within Docker as schematically shown in the figure above. The first integer input defines the number of peer_replicas N. The second argument is optional for activating the Grafana dashboard, where

  • default (no argument) or 0: Grafana disabled
  • 1: Grafana enabled

More details on how to set up the dashboard can be found here.

The third argument is optional for activating a dRNG committee, where

  • default (no argument) or 0: dRNG disabled
  • 1: dRNG enabled

The peers can communicate freely within the Docker network while the analysis and visualizer dashboard, as well as the master_peer's dashboard and web API are reachable from the host system on the respective ports.

The settings for the different containers (entry_node, peer_master, peer_replica) can be modified in docker-compose.yml.

How to use as development tool#

Using a standalone throwaway Docker network can be really helpful as a development tool.


  • Docker 17.12.0+
  • Docker compose: file format 3.5

Reachable from the host system

  • analysis dashboard (autopeering visualizer): http://localhost:9000
  • master_peer's dashboard: http: http://localhost:8081
  • master_peer's web API: http: http://localhost:8080

It is therefore possible to send messages to the local network via the master_peer. Log messages of a specific containter can be followed via

docker logs --follow CONTAINERNAME

Snapshot tool#

A snapshot tool is provided in the tools folder. The snapshot file that is created must be moved into the integration-tests/assets folder. There, rename and replace the existing bin file (7R1itJx5hVuo9w9hjg5cwKFmek4HMSoBDgJZN8hKGxih.bin). After restarting the docker network the snapshot file will be loaded.

How to use message approval check tool# script helps you conveniently trigger the message approval checks on all nodes in the docker network, and gather their results in the csv folder.

Once the network is up and running, execute the script:


Example output:

Triggering approval analysis on peer_master and 20 replicas...Triggering approval analysis on peer_master and 20 replicas... DONECopying csv files from peer_master and 20 replicas...Copying csv files from peer_master and 20 replicas... DONECopied files are located at ./csv

The exported csv files are timestamped to the date of request.

csvโ”œโ”€โ”€ 210120_16_34_14-docker-network_peer_replica_10.csvโ”œโ”€โ”€ 210120_16_34_14-docker-network_peer_replica_11.csvโ”œโ”€โ”€ 210120_16_34_14-docker-network_peer_replica_12.csv...

Note, that the record length of the files might differ, since the approval check execution time of the nodes might differ.

Spammer tool#

The Spammer tool lets you add messages to the tangle when running GoShimmer in a Docker network. In order to start the spammer, you need to send GET requests to a /spammer API endpoint with the following parameters:

  • cmd - one of two possible values: start and stop.
  • mpm - messages per minute. Only applicable when cmd=start.
  • imif - (optional) parameter indicating time interval between issued messages. Possible values:
    • poisson - emit messages modeled with Poisson point process, whose time intervals are exponential variables with mean 1/rate
    • uniform - issues messages at constant rate

Example requests:


Tangle width#

When running GoShimmer locally in a Docker network, the network delay is so small that only 1 tip will be available most of the time. In order to artificially create a tangle structure with multiple tips you can add a messageLayer.tangleWidth property to config.docker.json that specifies the number of tips that nodes should retain. This setting exists only for local testing purposes and should not be used in a distributed testnet.

Here is an example config that can be added:

  {  "messageLayer": {    "tangleWidth": 10  }}