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How to Obtain Tokens From the Faucet

The Faucet dApp#

The faucet is a dApp built on top of the value and communication layer). It sends IOTA tokens to addresses by listening to faucet request messages. A faucet message is a Message containing a special payload with an address encoded in Base58, the aManaPledgeID, the cManaPledgeID and a nonce as a proof that some Proof Of Work has been computed. The PoW is just a way to rate limit and avoid abuse of the Faucet. The Faucet has an additional protection by means of granting request to a given address only once. That means that, in order to receive funds from the Faucet multuple times, the address must be different.

After sending a faucet request message, you can check your balances via GetAddressUnspentOutputs().

Obtain Tokens From the Faucet#

There are 3 ways to send a faucet request message to obtain IOTA tokens:

  1. Via the Go client library
  2. Via the HTTP API directly
  3. Via the wallet

Via the Go Client Library#

Follow the instructions in Use the API to set up the API instance.


// provide your Base58 encoded destination address,// the proof of work difficulty,// the optional aManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded),// the optional cManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded)messageID, err := goshimAPI.SendFaucetRequest("JaMauTaTSVBNc13edCCvBK9fZxZ1KKW5fXegT1B7N9jY", 22, "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5", "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5")
---- or
// invoke go get for wallet usage// get the given address from a wallet instance andconnector := wallet.GenericConnector(wallet.NewWebConnector("http://localhost:8080"))addr := wallet.New(connector).ReceiveAddress()// use String() to get base58 representation// the proof of work difficulty,// the optional aManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded),// the optional cManaPledgeID (Base58 encoded)messageID, err := goshimAPI.SendFaucetRequest(addr.Base58(), 22, "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5", "2GtxMQD94KvDH1SJPJV7icxofkyV1njuUZKtsqKmtux5")

Via the Wallet#

Currently, there is one cli-wallet that you can refer to the tutorial Command Line Wallet and two GUI wallets to use. One from the community member Dr-Electron ElectricShimmer and another from the foundation pollen-wallet. You can request funds from the faucet with these two implementations.

As for pollen-wallet, follow the instructions in pollen-wallet to build and execute the wallet, or download executable file directly in GoShimmer wallet release.

You can request funds by pressing the Request Funds in the wallet.

Note: You need to create a wallet first before requesting funds.

Pollen Wallet

This may take a while to receive funds:

Pollen Wallet requesting funds

When the faucet request is successful, you can check the received balances:

Pollen Wallet transfer success