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Create a static identity

To create a static GoShimmer identity, you will need to generate a random 32byte autopeering seed. You can use openssl or the rand-seed tool we provide under the GoShimmer folder tools/rand-seed. For example, by running:

  • openssl rand -base64 32: generates a random 32 byte sequence encoded in base64. The output should look like: gP0uRLhwBG2yJJmnLySX4S4R5G250Z3dbN9yBR6VSyY=
  • go run main.go under the GoShimmer folder tools/rand-seed: generates a random 32 byte sequence encoded in both base64 and base58. The output is written into the file random-seed.txt and should look like:

You can now copy one of that strings (together with the encoding type prefix) and paste it into the GoShimmer config.json under the autopeering section:

"autopeering": {    "entryNodes": [      ""    ],    "port": 14626,    "seed":"base64:gP0uRLhwBG2yJJmnLySX4S4R5G250Z3dbN9yBR6VSyY="  },

Or if you are using docker and prefer to set this with a command, you can define the same by changing the GoShimmer docker-compose.yml:

goshimmer:    network_mode: host    image: iotaledger/goshimmer    build:      context: ./      dockerfile: Dockerfile    container_name: iota_goshimmer    command: >      --node.enablePlugins=prometheus      --autopeering.seed="base64:gP0uRLhwBG2yJJmnLySX4S4R5G250Z3dbN9yBR6VSyY="    # Mount volumes:    # make sure to give read/write access to the folder ./mainnetdb (e.g., chmod -R 777 ./mainnetdb)    # optionally, you can mount a config.json into the container    volumes:      - ./mainnetdb/:/tmp/mainnetdb/:rw      - ./config.json:/config.json:ro    # Expose ports:    # gossip:       - "14666:14666/tcp"    # autopeering:  - "14626:14626/udp"    # webAPI:       - "8080:8080/tcp"    # dashboard:    - "8081:8081/tcp"    ports:      - "14666:14666/tcp"      - "14626:14626/udp"      - "9311:9311/tcp" # prometheus exporter      - "8080:8080/tcp" # webApi      - "8081:8081/tcp" # dashboard